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From advanced new management practices to neuromanagement at Maersk, the latest tech in HR and a free webinar in March

A new way to approach management. The neuroscience of change and motivation. And the latest innovations in HR. These are all the big progressive and unique business workshops in March 2020.

Discover both local SA and international events, the latest trends, conferences, summits and topics to drive your business forward. Plus: All event info, dates, venues, tickets and contacts.

Note: COVID-19 has ground all public events to a halt. Instead, see all of this year’s big upcoming management and HR webinars.



9 March 2020

Invisible management? Unhappy employees? Losing clients? The Semco Style Institute of SA wants to show you how to bridge the gaps in your organisation, improve management practices and up your experience game. Hosted 8:30–16:30 at the institute in Stellenbosch, it’s facilitated by Luuk Willems who helped transform one of the biggest Netherlands banks into a self-managed organisation, and tickets are R2950 p/p, but you get a 10% discount if you’re a team of 5 or more from the same company. 

Semco Style Institute | Stellenbosch, SA | Website | Contact:christiaan@semcostyle.co.za 


20 March 2020

Business efficiency. Transformation and change management. And next-gen HR tech. Human resources are no longer just about recruitment and training, it’s now part of your business strategy. Four “tracks” of 29 unique ideas to really build your business using the latest tech and your human capital, HR Innovation Day in Johannesburg is 8 hours of intense and insightful new ideas around people and business. Plus: Opening Track 1 “HR Innovation” will be our own NLP and neuromanagement expert Dr Cobus Oosthuizen. See him at HR Innovation Day.

HR Innovation Day | Gallagher Convention Centre, JHB | Website | Contact: naveen@1point21gws.info 


26 March 2020

The neuroscience of company culture. 3 ways to intervene and dramatically boost performance. On 26 March 2020 at 14:00–15:00 CAT, LifeXchange Solutions is hosting a FREE webinar on creating a culture of high performance in your company. Complete with a guide to identifying your current company culture and practical, proven ways to change and leverage culture to up performance. Get all the info – including what to expect and how to log in etc. – on our free webinar. And register here.

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LifeXchange Solutions | Online | 071 918 3217 | solutions@lifexchange.co.za


31 March 2020

Change. Motivation. Vision. And the NASA project. After a series of extremely successful neuromanagement workshops throughout February with global logistics and energy giant Maersk, LifeXchange Solutions returns to the company’s Cape Town team to deliver more advanced insights around neuroscience and change-making behaviour and experiences. We’ll soon have more info on the Maersk Neuro Leadership Workshop.

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Maersk Cape Town | 021 408 6000 | For info, contact: solutions@lifexchange.co.za , 071 918 3217



18–20 March 2020

After a plea to the EU Commission in 2019 to invest in mentoring for business and social change, the 2020 annual European Mentoring Summit, this time held in Barcelona, Spain, is getting a lot of interest. This three-day event will focus on sharing best-practice strategies for mentoring and upskilling, by bringing together top researchers and actual mentors to work together to hash out the best methodologies and strategies for mentoring.

European Mentoring Summit 2020 | Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona | Website | Contact: summit2020@mentoriasocial.org


We at LifeXchange Solutions are on a mission to change the world by making business better for all stakeholders. We use the latest in neuroscience, behavioural psychology, NLP and strategic organisational development to help businesses grow and thrive sustainably. One of our core products is using neuroscience to understand people in business. It’s called Neuromanagement and you can discover it through our neuromanagement workshops.



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90 days. 4 Remarkably powerful change-making benefits. And the latest in neuroscience for a roadmap to creating effective change in business. The ultimate companion to our workshops is the Growth Journal.

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Also see the big lessons for managers and HR in August.

We’re hosting a special talk on modelling high-performance culture in your company: Here’s how to join our free mentoring vs coaching webinar.

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Discover all of our upcoming workshops.

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Watch: Discover what truly drives performance and how to create a high-performance culture in your company.

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And see why it’s so crucial that you invest more in your company culture in South Africa.

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See what these SA business pros had to say about our last public HR workshop.

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Also discover the power of building your business using strengths.

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And check out this new method to decode your company culture.

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