All Our Big Neuro Leadership and Business Workshops in February

The new frontier: Neuroscience for business and leadership is the name of the game at these workshops this February

What neuroscience can add for print industry management teams in Cape Town, the company driving innovation in up-skilling and rehabilitating the city’s homeless and a day with SA’s rockstars of marine insurance. We have some seriously awesome neuromanagement workshops lined up for February – and they’re all focused around neuroscience for business and neuro leadership.



After an extremely successful neuromanagement workshop with the directors of one of SA’s oldest and largest print operators, Novus Holdings, early in January 2020, we’ve been asked to do another workshop with the entire management team of their operations at Novus Print in Milnerton, Cape Town.

We’re doing another full 4-hour workshop on neuroscience for business – including how your brain works, behavioural insights, self-talk, a model of the human mind in business and what neuroscience can teach us about management. We’re looking forward to the upcoming Novus Neuro Workshop.

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Where: Novus Print in Cape Town | 021 550 2400
More info contact: solutions@lifexchange.co.za, 071 918 3217 



One Cape Town NGO that does amazing things among the destitute and homeless, U-Turn has been running innovative skills-based programmes to help reintegrate the homeless back into society for the past 21 years. Capetonians might recognise them from the famous U-Turn vouchers, where, instead of giving money, you give someone a voucher that buys the, a warm meal, clothing or a bed for the night.

We’re super excited to have been invited to conduct a workshop internally with the team at U-Turn, to bring our neuroscience and behavioural insights in business and organisational development to them to help them grow and develop even further. Here’s what happened at the U-Turn Neuro Workshop.

Where: U-Turn offices in Cape Town | 021 674 6119
More info contact: solutions@lifexchange.co.za, 071 918 3217 


19 FEBRUARY 2020

After an awesome intro session with the sales team in Joburg and company leadership in Cape Town last year, marine insurer Safmarine has asked LifeXchange to come back and do a series of workshops with various teams in the company.

Get some amazing people and business insights from our recent Safmarine Neuro Workshop.

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Where: Safrmarine in Cape Town | 021 408 6921
More info contact: solutions@lifexchange.co.za, 071 918 3217 


We at LifeXchange Solutions are on a mission to change the world by making business better for all stakeholders. We use the latest in neuroscience, behavioural psychology, NLP and strategic organisational development to help businesses grow and thrive sustainably. One of our core products is using neuroscience to understand people in business. It’s called Neuromanagement and you can discover it through our neuromanagement workshops.



Call us on 071 918 3217
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90 days. 4 Remarkably powerful change-making benefits. And the latest in neuroscience for a roadmap to creating effective change in business. The ultimate companion to our workshops is the Growth Journal.

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Get the latest human resources and management updates and news in HR this week.

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Discover progressive and unique workshops in March and this year’s upcoming workshops.

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See what these SA business pros had to say about our last public HR workshop.

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Also discover the power of building your business using strengths.

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And get some insights into what company culture really is.

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