Neuro Mentoring Training

The latest neuroscience insights combine with the first mentoring training programme of its kind in the world

NeuroManagement Mentoring Training combines the advanced personal mastery skills from the latest neuroscience through NeuroManagement with SABPP-accredited NQF Level 4 mentoring training and coaching. To empower managers and individuals in the workplace that can influence, inspire, lead and motivate their colleagues to build resilient teams and drive constructive collaboration.


This 12-month online and real-world course is the first and only fully supported, integrated, experiential-learning mentoring training programme in the world. What that means is it’s the only course that combines continuous online theory training with real-world mentoring (you’ll be assigned a mentee as part of the course) with full support from an always-accessible facilitator to guide you all the way.

So, you’ll complete the course with almost 10 months’ worth of practical mentoring and coaching experience already under your belt.



No quick-fixes. No hit-and-runs. 12 months’ training ensures lasting impact and assimilation



Utilising our PhD research in neurology, psychology, human behavioural science and sociology

Practical Skills

Practical Skills

Practice the theory concepts in your mentoring until we know you've perfected the skills

Support Network

Support Network

Weekly contact with a dedicated facilitator and collaborative tasks with peers outside of work



Accredited by the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) at NQF Level 4 (Short Skills Programmes) and recognised by 16 professional SA institutes and bodies, ths Neuro-Mentoring Training programme will teach you the neurology and thinking patterns that affect and motivate the people in your company, and equip you with a host of personal mastery skills to boost performance.

Then, there’s a 12-month online mentoring training theory course with weekly interactive tasks, discussions and engaging videos that unpack the concepts of mentoring and coaching – plan for about 1–2 hours of learning per week.

After the preparatory first 8 weeks (2 months), you’ll be paired with a mentee to mentor for the remaining 10 months, with one-on-one meetings ideally one hour per week. And you’re supported all the way by a facilitator that’s available and will feedback continuously on your progress.


One of the best workshops I have ever attended. Besides being very energetic, informative and motivational, it gave me tools that I could immediately apply in my personal life and at work.

~ Zalta Kelbrick | HR Specialist at ByteOrbit

I would like to thank and congratulate LifeXchange Solutions personally – Dr Cobus is by far the best facilitator I’ve ever experienced. His humorous assertion, depth of knowledge and experience combine with simple activities that bring important points home. It was impressive and valuable as a total package.

~ André Labuschaigne | CEO of Cape Union Mart

The Strengths-Based approach helped me identify my unique strengths and embrace my authentic self. It enables me to make better choices about daily tasks and how to execute them individually and in a team. I recommend Strengths training to everyone who wants to optimise their potential.

~ Marieta Knight | Employee Wellness Practitioner

One of the best, if not the best, workshops I have attended in my entire career. My people enjoyed it, learned a great deal and we found the insights extremely valuable.

~ Carl Buhrmann | Hospital General Manager at MediClinic Bloemfontein

This workshop helped me dig deep to identify and develop strengths I was not consciously aware of. I learned to better conduct difficult conversations and hold people accountable for their responsibilities in ways that dramatically improved my relationship with colleagues and supervisors. It improved my ability to influence real change.

~ Mothomone Pitsi | Director at National Department of Health

I did the LifeXchange Solutions workshop and I can’t wait for the next one. Getting a clearer understanding of how the brain works and how powerful a tool it is for growing your business is truly a next level experience.

~ Amelia Henning | Owner of MielieMatrix Productions


“This works incredibly well for organisations that need managers who can inspire, coach and mould their people into highly effective individuals,” says LifeXchange Solutions’ Dr Cobus Oosthuizen (PhD in Mentoring & Human Development). “And, because it’s online, it’s ideal especially for companies with managers and employees who work in outlying branches and satellite offices scattered around the country and far away from company headquarters.

“A culture of mentoring in business is vital for skills sharing, nurturing talent, staff retention and ensuring that every arm of your business works towards the same goals.”





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