Self-discipline and loving oneself

I used to cringe when someone used the word ‘self-discipline’. Maybe because I know how many times I have attempted to be more disciplined, and then failed miserably. It was only later when I realised that lacking self-discipline meant lacking love for myself.

"What's in it for you?"

“What’s in it for you?”

If one thinks about it, all the efforts I have attempted in my life to be more self-disciplined, were actually things that would make my life better! Getting up early in the morning, filing my receipts, going for a run and planning my day the evening before, were all things that would make my life easier. Failing to do these things caused frustration, anger and so much more. Why would one do this to oneself? I want to go as far as saying that one’s love for self is directly related to one’s self-discipline.

I want to suggest that before you jump into the next great effort to get your life sorted, make sure to spend time to really contemplate what’s in it for you? Take your time, even if it takes a few days or a week or two. Consider how this will make your life truly better and how much value you will draw from it. And only then, when the conscious thinking becomes a belief, go for it!

by Cobus Oosthuizen

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