Meet Ricardo

LifeXchange met Ricardo at the age of 18. The scars on his face told the story of extreme poverty, abuse and brokenness. The fresh wound on the back of his head, caused by a person that tried to hack him to death with a hammer, was a picture of the environment he lived in. He was known as a fighter, criminal, TIK, mandrax and dagga addict and alcoholic. Being completely uneducated and unemployed, it seemed that there was no hope for this troubled young man whose behaviour resembled that of a hurt animal.

At the time of writing Ricardo had only been with LifeXchange for 18 months. With great excitement we can say that he is still in the process of exchanging that hopeless, senseless life for one worth living! Today Ricardo can read, write and drive. He is completely clean from all drug use. He’s completed an English for the Work Place course, is currently busy with computer studies and finished a crash course in screen printing. Not only has there been a dramatic inward change, but outward as well. Through LifeXchange’s support network we managed to get Ricardo a bicycle for transport, some clothing, medical care, a job, several development courses and even a full upper denture! This young man’s life has been completely transformed…and this is just the beginning, for our commitment is that of a life time.

Enjoy the 8min DVD about Ricardo’s journey with LifeXchange below:

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