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Updated: September 2021

Dear Changemaker,

Most HRs today spend a huge amount of time just trying to keep the peace.

And it’s mostly the same people taxing your time – over-needy or irrational, and often over petty squabbles that have nothing to do with your real role.

OR, there are complaints about managers, silo-mindsets within the company and having to deal with egos – worst yet, most managers aren’t good at having difficult conversations, so it all gets dumped on HR, leaving you almost no time to think strategically.

Plus: You can’t ignore that conflict causes people to quit.

But here’s the thing…

Conflict is not a “given”

There are actual, knowable brain processes, thought and behaviour patterns that you in HR can learn, understand and steps you can put in place to resolve conflict better.

We want to show you the latest in Neuroscience, Neuromanagement and Psychology around conflict resolution and mediation. It can change the game in HR!

That’s why we’re hosting this once-off Neuro Conflict-Resolution Masterclass on Tuesday 12 October at 3pm (SA time).

We’re going to show you how conflict works in the brain, the scientific way to resolve it to get a real WIN-WIN resolution and empower people to align and resolve conflict themselves.

Because we want YOU to get real, immediate benefits for everyone…

For your people
* Be an advocate for your people, change people’s lives for the better, help and support people through life changes
* People in the company feel safe, understood and taken care of
* Make work more enjoyable for current and prospective employees
* Ensure fair treatment for all

For the company
* A culture of growth, accountability, respect and valuing people’s contributions
* Curb high turnover – stop people from just quitting
* A better system for career growth to allow people to perform at their best
* People are lining up to join the company because of the culture

For yourself
* Your chance to make a huge difference in the lives of people, teams and the organisation
* Get the satisfaction of doing more meaningful work
* Participate in determining and shaping the destiny of the organization
* Get the latest developments in the industry – understand human behaviour better, learn and grow your skills
* More time for you to do the things you really want to – work and think more strategically
* Have the time to build better relationships and work more on strategy with the C-suite

And you can sign up right now.

Because, after a lot of deliberation, we agreed to present this masterclass online for FREE – original value is R2899pp.

But spots are limited, because we’re diving deep.

So, just enter your details on this page, and we’ll send you a link invite to join us on Tuesday 12 October at 3pm (SA time).

Please do so now, we don’t want you to miss out on the chance to make a real impact in your company today.

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