Love Your Job in 4 Weeks OR We’ll Give You $100 AND Help You Find a New One

That’s right! We’re so confident that if you sign up to the #LoveYourWork Online Programme right now, you will feel more in control, move in the direction you want to go & effect change around you that, if you don’t feel the change and start loving your work in 4 weeks’ time, we’ll deposit $100 into your bank account AND personally help you find a NEW/dream job.

We want to show you how to take back control of your life:

And we want to tailor-make it for YOU!

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Take back control of your life…

If you’ve seen our report, 21 Shocking Things You Should Know Before Putting One Foot Back in The Office, you’ll know that there’s something seriously wrong with the invisible “system” that impacts and controls HOW our companies are run.

It’s rotten at its core – doesn’t matter where you go, you always find toxic work cultures, bad bosses, permanent busy work, and an environment that leaves you feeling trapped, controlled and undervalued.

And you’ll also know that Dr Cobus Oosthuizen and his team spent the last 20 years helping companies “motivate their teams” and or getting the team to “work together”, or to help them be “more productive”.

But now, they’ve turned the tables and created something especially for employees – to destroy that system from the inside, by helping you take back control of YOUR destiny.


The #LoveYourWork Programme

If you’ve been enjoying Dr Cobus’ emails with the videos and short snippets of teachings, you’re going to love this. The #LoveYourWork online programme is more of the same, PLUS so much more: 16 ultra-powerful short, practical lessons, with a video + practical tasks and activities for you to go and try and master in your workplace to really start turning things around.

But it’s the full monty – everything, super in-depth, so you fully understand how to make a real change right now.

Preview it here…

The programme is like an online course, with 16 big lessons – which you can do in 16 weeks, or 8, or an afternoon – whenever or however you feel like, you have full access. Do it as many times as you like, or at your own pace. It’s a fully online course setup, and the #LoveYourWork gives you access to:

– Dr Cobus’ 16-week #LoveYourWork course
– PLUS: Your own personal career growth plan
– PLUS: Access to our community of like-minded people with weekly insights and regular workshops

In this course, you’re going to

  • Learn the neuroscience and psychology of how motivation works in your mind
  • Learn to be really, ridiculously productive – tricks to do twice as much in half the time
  • Become a master planner, learn to manage chaos and think like a high-performer (Millionaire Mindset)
  • Become your own (better) Boss – get yourself and others unstuck fast
  • Make work easy, take control of your day
  • PLUS: See exactly how to make changes in the big system around you (finding true limits, eliminating self-imposed boundaries)
  • Apply this info anywhere – this job, your next job, your own company
  • And so much more…

All so that you CAN

  • Plan your work life according to what energizes YOU
  • Unlock meaning and purpose in your work
  • Become super effective
  • Become indispensable
  • Have your voice heard
  • Get noticed, get rewarded and promoted
  • Get recognition
  • Grow in your career
  • Make more money
  • Take back control of your future

And you can

Sign up and take back control of your life at work

or get your own FREE personal career plan first

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It’s incredibly effective

Dr Cobus Oosthuizen is a PhD in human behaviour. He and his team are contracted by companies around the world to help them “sort out” their organisations – from global corporations to small independents and organisations – with his neuroscience and psychology insights.

What CEOs, managers and owners say about us

“Truly a next-level experience.”

– Amelia H, owner Crystal Mielie Productions

“Impressive as a total package.”

– Andre Labuschaigne, CEO Cape Union Mart

“It was a life-changing experience exploring the power of the mind.”

– J Johnstone, Manager Corporate Finance, Moore

And now he’s turning it all around and offering it to you.

What employees say about us

“Thank you so much for this life-changing experience! Would definitely recommend it.”

– M Botes, Medical Admin Assitant

“Cobus helped me change EVERYTHING. And I can’t even imagine ever go back!”

– ER Palmer, former employee, now business builder

“Thank you for opening my eyes to reality.”

– N Oosthuizen, hospital group safety manager

So, want to take back control of your life at work?

It’s guaranteed…


Love your job in 4 weeks OR we’ll give you $100 (US) and help you find a new one

That’s right. If you sign up to the #LoveYourWork programme right now, and you don’t 100% love your job, feel happier, more purposeful and can at least see where you are and where you should be going in 4 weeks… 

We will deposit $100 into your bank account and personally help you find your next/ideal job. That means:

– Dr Cobus and team jump on a call with you
– We help analyze what it is you want and need
– We help narrow your options and create an action plan for you
– And then we keep at it weekly until you land that BIG one
– Use our contacts to help open doors for you

That’s our Iron-Clad Take-it-To-Bank Guarantee!
Love your job in 4 weeks or we’ll give you $100 AND help you find a new one!

PLUS: Your own 1-on-1, personalised growth plan

If you sign up for the #LoveYourWork programme right now, you also get a FREE 30-minute 1-on-1 session with one of our Pros. To understand exactly what your current situation and needs are. So we can customise your #LoveYourWork programme – based on where you are at and what exactly you need, we’ll help orient you and highlight specific parts of the online course for you to focus on. So it’s not one size fits all, we help tailor it 100% to you!


How much is YOUR happiness and success worth to you?

Just the course + the personal growth plan + the orientation call + the access to our global community is easily worth over $1000.

BUT, if it works (and it will!), what’s it worth to you to feel:

– Happy in your work
– Successful
– Respected
– Have a purpose
– Find joy and passion in every day?

Can you put a figure to it?



$1 000 000?

$1 000 000 000?

Because we think it’s absolutely PRICELESS.


Get it NOW for just $175

That’s it. For real.

AND we’ve just introduced payment options – you don’t have to put $175 down right now, split the payment into 2, 3 or even 10 smaller chunks…

So, you can sign up for the #LoveYourWork programme right now for just $175… or $12 a month (you choose!)

… and get the full benefit of whatever value you put to your happiness at work: $1000, $1 000 000 or PRICELESS!

That’s the full 16-week course

– With the development plan
– With the orientation call
– With global community access
– With the Iron-Clad guarantee that you get $100 back + Dr Cobus helps you find a new job

And you can sign up right now…

Sign up and take back control of your life right now

Or, have your personal growth plan call first…

Book your own career growth call right here

HURRY before they make us take it down

We’re not sure how happy our corporate clients are going to be with us making you this offer. And there’s every chance they’ll try to force us to take it down.

That’s why we’re only running this offer for the next two weeks – sign up before all the spots are gone.

PS: Can you imagine going back to work tomorrow without it?

Now that you know that YOU ARE RIGHT. That there’s something rotten inside your company that’s making your life miserable. That all the stress, drama and irritation is REAL and extremely common – that everyone is feeling it because it’s systemic. AND that you know there is a way to get rid of it all, to break through, to smash the machine to bits and discover joy & purpose in your work AND to take control of your own destiny.

Now that you know it is there. Can you imagine ignoring it?

Imagine going back to work tomorrow without #LoveYourWork.

The toxic workplace. The horrible bosses that don’t communicate. The endless paperwork that has nothing to do with your job. The petty nonsense that keeps you constantly busy. The stupid clock-watching – hey, we noticed you were 5 seconds late. Again!

For the rest of your life. 

Day in. Day out.

The same nightmare, over and over. 

Until, what? One day you retire, wondering where your time has gone?

Is that even living?

OR, imagine you say YES!

And you take the chance right now.

You discover you have more power at work than you ever imagined.

You start making small changes and people start noticing.

You become indispensable, people start listening.

You find your voice, your joy, your purpose. You do double the work in half the time, you rise up through the ranks. You design your day according to what inspires you. And you start helping others do the same.

And then the system starts slowly changing around you.

You can feel it, you can see it.

You start getting more respect – “there’s the one who started it all”.

You earn more money.

You get noticed, rewarded, invited.

You discover a true glimpse of your destiny in your work.

Your work becomes a part of your life, a source of strength and joy.

All because you said YES!

So ask yourself:

– Do you want to CHANGE everything you hate about your work?
– Do you want to grow and learn and live a NEW way that brings you joy and purpose?
– Do you want to do more, get noticed and earn more money for half the work?

Then take back control of your destiny: Sign up or Schedule your call RIGHT NOW

Or chat to us first…

And, remember, if you don’t absolutely love your current job in 4 weeks, we give you $100 and help you find a new job. Simple as that.

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