Individual, 1-on-1 support for your whole team: Time management, stress management, finding your voice, rediscovering your joy and purpose in your job, at your company – we come in and help your people overcome their challenges and thrive!

We’re living through difficult times. And our people need support. Many are suffering from work-from-home (WFH) fatigue, and we’re all a little disconnected. Not to mention that many of us are battling with tragedy, trauma and great uncertainty in our personal lives.

It’s been a time of great change and disruption. And HOW we manage that change might be more important now than ever before.

Because, at the same time, we need to keep production up in a disrupted world. Everyone’s livelihoods depend on the future of the company, after all. So how do we reconnect, refocus, inspire, help each other manage our stress and time, so we can turn things around and thrive?

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Introducing Our All-New #LoveYourWork Programme

Dr Oostuizen and team have taken our years of experience in helping companies manage change and developed an all-new online programme for you and your team(s).

Help Inspire, Nurture and Grow Your People

#LoveYourWork is your ultimate change management kit – it’s video-based, which is like having Cobus sitting next to each person on your team, coaching them every step of the way, with the same enthusiasm and energy (just so much cheaper!)

It’s an online personal career satisfaction and growth programme that helps enrich, focus and inspire your team, even in difficult times. It’s set up as a course, with 4 modules or 4 lessons each – ideal for each team member to spend maybe 2 hours per week engaging in inspiring videos, motivational exercises and it comes with a printable workbook.

PLUS: You can do it individually or as a team – we’ll even train you to lead and facilitate the whole process if you’d like.

Help your team reconnect…

Support Network

Love their work

Help your people rediscover their joy, purpose in work


Master their time

Exceptional science-based time management and productivity tools, tips & tricks

Manage their stress

Help energize, revive and empower teams working from anywhere – office, home, both!

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With #LoveYourWork, your people will

  • Learn the neuroscience and psychology of how motivation works in the mind
  • Learn to be really, ridiculously productive – tricks to do twice as much in half the time
  • Become master planners, learn to manage chaos and think like a high-performer (Millionaire Mindset)
  • Become their own Boss – get themselves and others unstuck fast
  • Make work easy, take control of their day
  • PLUS: Find their voice, rediscover their Joy and Purpose in their work
  • Apply this info anywhere – this job, at home, in life
  • And so much more…

All so that they CAN

Plan their work-life better
Unlock meaning and purpose in their work
Work with joy, energy and conviction
Manage change like a champion!
Become indispensable to you
Become super effective
Have their voice heard
Get recognition
Grow in their careers
Be a true team player
Take back control of their future
Make your business a success!

Let’s help you, help your team Thrive!

We’ve cleared our calendars to offer you a free Strategy Session – just pick your time and date, and we’ll help talk you through what you’re experiencing at work right now…

Book your free 30-minute strategy call with our team

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