Mentoring: Let’s Help Each Other Make the World a Better Place

Positive change. For a brighter future. And all with science. LifeXchange has taken transformation in South Africa to the next level with an evidence-based approach to mentoring. And after a decade and a half’s intense research into sustainable transformation, we can confidently tell you that mentoring is one of the best and most sustainable ways we can create the world we want to live in, together. 

Here’s what you need to know about mentoring:

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To bring about positive change in people. To help a young matriculant overcome their challenges and start building a bright future for themself. To help the poor and dejected change what they believe about themselves and how they see the world, to help them unlock their true potential. To help those who battle with the scars of negative influences in their lives overcome their challenges and become healthy, thriving, contributing members of society.

In short, mentoring is the key to helping people overcome their personal challenges, so they can have a rich and meaningful life. And that, in turn, will make our entire society healthier and more balanced too. It’s one of the oldest and most proven ways to help grow people in a society – and successful societies use it to this day.


South Africa, like most countries in the world, has its socio-economic issues. But there’s really no point in just complaining about these or waiting for government or some other authority to come and “solve” these problems for us.

If our schools are not preparing young people the way they ideally should be. If our neighbourhoods are driving people to lives of crime and poverty. If our family structures are not supporting the growth of healthy individuals. Then it’s up to us as South Africans to take control and help each other believe in ourselves again.

mentoring, process, purpose, meaning, concept, benefits, of, definition, why, become, mentor, social, community, change, how to, become, better, world, south, africa, belgium, netherlands, romania, europe
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Mentoring is one of the oldest and best-known practices for creating healthy, thriving societies – the first mention of the word “mentor” is from Ancient Greece, hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. And successful societies use it to this day – Maya Angelou mentored Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. Virtually all success comes from experience passed down to the next generation.

And each one of us has something to give to someone. If you’ve completed matric, there are millions of school-age children who can, right now, use your advice. If you’ve started a business or successfully got a job, there are millions who would really appreciate your guidance. And if you’ve overcome any challenge in your life, there are millions more who can benefit from what you know.

Every one of us, no matter who you are or where you came from, has some knowledge or experience that will help change someone else’s life. And that’s how you change a whole country’s future.


Founded and registered in 2008 as a Voluntary Association involved in researching and implementing effective and responsible mentoring processes, LifeXchange has changed its NPO status in 2013 to that of a Not-for-Profit Company (NPC) and is the tip of the spear when it comes to mentoring in Africa. Being completely evidence-based in its approach, LifeXchange knows how long, how frequent and how intense mentoring should be in order for it to cause sustainable impact. They also know who to train, how to support and how to ensure the roll-out for an effective and responsible mentoring process.

With experience in community development, education, agriculture, health, faith ministries and youth development sectors, LifeXchange is what you should think when you think mentoring!

mentoring, process, purpose, meaning, concept, benefits, of, definition, why, become, mentor, social, community, change, how to, become, better, world, south, africa, belgium, netherlands, romania, europe


You can be part of this movement to help create a better society for all of us by signing up to become a mentor. We offer some of the most advanced mentoring training available, including extremely insightful neuroscientific and psychological insights to help you become a relational expert – it’s all recognised and supported by major industry bodies. In fact, you get the option of adding full and official mentor accreditation with the South African Board for People’s Practices (SABPP) to your name, so you can use it to further your own professional career.

Anyone can become a mentor. It’s safe: You start by exploring the idea with our Discover Mentoring Course. And then, if complete it and feel you want to know all there is to know, move on to the Master Mentoring Course.


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The LifeXchange course, as well as my interaction with the mentee, was the most exhilarating experience in my life. Above all, I learnt a lot about myself and how to manage my own behaviour under challenging circumstances.

~ Dr. Alfonso Niemand

I can honestly say that I cannot imagine my life without the course. I have learned so much and will be eternally grateful that I took the course. I believe that what I now know will benefit me on all my paths in life. I would like to thank the LifeXchange team for this. It is an excellent course and definitely a valuable asset to anyone.

~ Monique Visser

This course has equipped me and given me many tools to tackle many things in life! My whole outlook on life is calmer and I am no longer chasing the wind! My positive days are far more than the negative ones.

~ Doré Lourens


See how to create change in our communities.

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