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What will your legacy be?

Neuroscience of mentoring

A safe, short course to see if it’s for you

Advanced mentoring for social change

Fully accredited & supported mentoring training

Sustainable social intervention

How can we help create real lasting change in our society?

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South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania

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How do we create change in South Africa and the world?

Change is already happening! LifeXchange is triggering a new movement in the way South Africans are being transformed. Through a simple and scientifically proven one-on-one mentoring process, people are ignited with the belief in themselves to become something greater than they ever imagined.

We train mentors to help create change: All through our proven, life-changing transformation process. We shape individuals into becoming the leaders that South Africa needs right now. And you can be a part of it today!


Become a certified mentor

Fully supported, with practical and official accreditation, LifeXchange offers one of the most advanced mentoring training programmes in the world. See how to become a mentor.

Explore mentoring

Risk-free: 8 Weeks intro course on the theory & science behind mentoring only (no practical) – so you can test it and see if mentoring is for you!

Discover Mentoring Course >>

Master social change

Our famous fully supported and accredited practical mentoring programme – prepare to start creating real change in the world!

Master Mentoring Course >>

Why mentoring?

Positive change. For a brighter future. And all with science. After a decade and a half’s intense research into sustainable transformation, we can confidently tell you that mentoring is one of the best and most sustainable ways we can create the world we want to live in, together.

Explore mentoring

See the change we’ve made so far

We’ve spent thousands of hours training hundreds of mentors to help vulnerable and high-risk youth to become 55% more likely to enrol in higher education and over 100% more likely to take up leadership positions at work and in society.

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The LifeXchange course, as well as my interaction with the mentee, was the most exhilarating experience in my life. Above all, I learnt a lot about myself and how to manage my own behaviour under challenging circumstances.

~ Dr. Alfonso Niemand

I can honestly say that I cannot imagine my life without the course. I have learned so much and will be eternally grateful that I took the course. I believe that what I now know will benefit me on all my paths in life. I would like to thank the LifeXchange team for this. It is an excellent course and definitely a valuable asset to anyone.

~ Monique Visser

This course has equipped me and given me many tools to tackle many things in life! My whole outlook on life is calmer and I am no longer chasing the wind! My positive days are far more than the negative ones.

~ Doré Lourens

Creating change: Mentoring and transformation news

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The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring The National Mentoring Partnership Management Mentors Discover what is mentoring and the benefits of mentoring.

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