See Dr Cobus Live at This Year’s HR Conference & Expo

WATCH: Zoom into the minds of the people at work: A preview of Neuromanagement guru Dr Cobus Oosthuizen’s talk at HRworks’ 9th annual HR Conference & Expo in Cape Town

“Zoom into the minds of the people around you at work … See which neurons are firing and which are causing resistance … how to very easily bypass those … and get your people to the next level of performance ….” 

Save the date: LifeXchange’s Dr Cobus Oosthuizen is speaking on NeuroManagement for HR at the 9th annual HR Conference & Expo in Cape Town on 18 September 2019.

Here’s an exciting preview of what to expect:


“Dr Cobus Oosthuizen presented at one of our HR Breakfast events earlier this year,” says Adria Bulpitt, founder and MD of the conference’s organiser, HRworks.co.za. “And the delegates loved his passionate and energised presentation so much we just had to get him as one of our speakers at HR Conference & Expo.”

Dr Cobus will be joining five other absolute experts in their fields, ranging from law and diversity to AI and robotics in HR.

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Also see Dr Mark Bussin, chairman of remuneration systems supplier 21st Century speaking on global remuneration and reward strategies. Lyn Mzundo, human capital executive at Metropolitan Retail, on developing leadership at work. And Johnny Goldberg, CEO of Global Business Solutions and employment law expert, on the recent changes in SA’s laws.

There’s also Samkelo Blom, formerly HR director of the Spur Group, speaking on inclusion and diversity beyond BBBEE. And Michelle Chandler, former HR exec of Mass Stores talks artificial intelligence and robotics in HR.

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30+ exhibitors are already confirmed for this year’s HR Conference & Expo. Offering services from recruitment and legal advice to time and attendance systems, enneagram reports, employee wellness, payroll software and training etc.

Get a list of exhibitors here.

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Referred to as the “most valuable HR conference in South Africa”, the 2019 HR Conference & Expo is the 9th annual of its kind, taking place, as always, at the Table Bay Hotel at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront.

Organised by online HR resource directory, HRworks.co.za, the 1-day conference features exhibitors with valuable products and services for human resources professionals. There are six expert speakers and the opportunity to network with other HR pros and suppliers.

Plus: There’s always lots of nice things to eat as well as coffee and tea. Get more info on the event here.

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Tickets to the Cape Town HR Conference & Expo are R3250. You can book your tickets here

There are also still exhibitor and sponsoring opportunities available. For more information, email info@hrworks.co.za.   

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When: 18 September 2019
Where: Table Bay Hotel, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
Cost: R3250 – book tickets here

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