All-New Growth Journal: The Ultimate Brain-Based Science Way to Journal for Success

4 Keystone habit benefits, the latest neuroscience in journal form – the ideal companion to a neuromanagement workshop

90 days. 4 Remarkably powerful change-making benefits. And the latest in neuroscience, behavioural psychology and a roadmap to effective change in business. LifeXchange Solutions are super excited to announce our all-new Growth Journal – a roadmap for performance thinking and journaling for success.

It’s 84+ pages of in-depth-but-accessible brain science, psychology and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), made easy to follow and understand, all rolled into a remarkable new journaling experience that goes hand-in-hand with our neuromanagement coaching and training. It’s all the eye-opening information you get at one of our neuromanagement workshops, a bit of the mentoring training insights and maybe some agile excellence, too. But in a journal form, so you can take it home and keep on engaging and learning and growing, long after the actual workshop.

Here’s what the Growth Journal is all about and what’s inside it, the 4 key benefits you get and how to order yours today. 


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Think of it as the ultimate guide to the LifeXchange Solutions neuromanagement experience. The Growth Journal is an actual book: 84+ page journal with all the neuroscience, behavioural, NLP etc. insights you’d get at our workshops, plus daily activities, journaling and extra info to help you really engage meaningfully with this awesome information.

“I think it’s the best thing ever,” says Dr Cobus Oosthuizen (PhD Human Behaviour). “If you’ve been to a workshop with your team or even if you still want to organise a workshop at your business soon, do yourself a favour and get yourself the Growth Journal. It’s going to give you the best out of everything we do.”




Packing in a lot of info about how your brain works, what drives human behaviour and how we can use that information in the workplace, the Growth Journal was initially created to be a companion product for those who’ve been to one of our workshops, training or the sessions among our range of organisational development solutions.


Why a journal? Because journaling specifically unlocks certain mental and behavioural benefits that go so well with what we at LifeXchange Solutions are trying to help SA business achieve (more about us):


Keystone habits are those ones that unlock a whole range of other positives in the process (like if you start exercising, you automatically start eating well and living more healthily at the same time). Well, the Growth Journal not only teaches you all the brain-and-change stuff but it also shows you how to journal, which unlocks vital thinking, analytical and goal-setting skills you need to create real lasting change.


In a world where we’re “programmed” to live in a reactive way – checking your phone first thing in the morning, seeing what the latest news and updates are – the Growth Journal shows you how to start your day by setting your own agenda. So you’re no longer a slave to other people’s needs, but start to live by your own design instead.


That goes hand-in-hand with the essential neuroscience info you need to build new neural pathways, manage your self-regulation and self-talk so you can truly and effectively bring about change in your life, in your business, at home, at the office – wherever you need it.


Just as the Growth Journal helps you start every day right, it also shows you how to end the day by helping you order your thoughts and then truly switch off. By analysing and reviewing your day, and then getting a good night’s rest, you eventually become able to see your own patterns of thought and habits, so you can more effectively focus on change.

growth, journal, success, positive, change, productivity, neuroscience, keystone, habits, behaviour, change, journaling, personal, template, how to journal, tips, how do i start, self improvement, what do i write about, NLP, neuro linguistic programming


The Growth Journal costs R395. ORDER YOURS HERE

For more information (or to order it directly), contact Tammy on 071 918 3217 or email tammy@lifexchange.co.za.

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