Frisbee Face-Off!

There was a lot of mud. In fact, ‘a lot’ is probably an understatement. It was a veritable ocean of brown sludge that could house a Kronosaurus. Luckily, we were only playing Frisbee.  So it was that on a crispy Saturday morning, the LifeXchange team got together for an exhilarating (if grimy)  game!

Cobus and Corne were joined by their families, along with Tammy, Keana, Merrick and Reone. We were already on the field by 10 am, warming ourselves up with the rare sunny day, offered in a rather wet winter season. After a fun hour and a half spent running about, properly dirtying our feet, it was time to head home. Swapping stories and catching up, riding an endorphin high… not an altogether unpleasant way to spend a Saturday morning with the ones you love.



by Esther Hamman

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