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Dear HR

Do you have “problem” manager(s) you don’t know how to deal with?

You know, those managers who:

* People always complain about
* Are always in conflict with their team
* Are bad at having difficult conversations
* And cause people to quit their jobs

Well, we want to help you deal with that person

We want to come in and:

* Show you how to expertly handle all existing conflict around that person right now

* Use the latest in Neuroscience to show HOW to get that person to change

* Create a development plan with you for shifting that person to a better leadership place

* Then give you all the tools you need to start the process of developing them into a true leader

* Give you a tried-and-tested process for monitoring, managing and executing that change effectively

We want to really sit and work with you to figure out what will actually help. And then help you execute it – we’ll be right next to you every step of the way!

And it doesn’t cost you anything

We’ve cleared our calendars to give you a FREE 45-minute HR Strategy Call where we will listen to exactly what your situation is, and give you immediate and actionable steps from Neuroscience and Psychology to turn the situation around.

Schedule your FREE Strategy Call right here

In this Leadership Alignment strategy call

We will give you:

* The No 1 way to cause real change in behaviour

* 3 Secret formulas to handle all conflict effectively

* The golden guide to Language that makes people change

* 7 Secrets to sustainable Leader-building in managers

* The latest neuromanagement tips and techniques

* How to get company leadership onboard with change

We’ve already helped so many HRs develop true leaders

And they’ll happily tell you why it really works…

“The biggest lesson for me was learning how to build a solid vision and get my entire team fully aligned with that vision. The LifeXchange Solutions team came in and showed me how to take my people and shift their effectiveness zone (perceived normal) and raise it to the new ‘me zone’, where real change happens.

They gave me all the right tools and coached me to set the mental tension just right in my people to help us be really aligned, performing and happy.

“Our sessions with LifeXchange Solutions was the highlight of my week, and I’d recommend it to anyone who works with managers and teams.”

– Nelia Annandale, Keedo founder and Cape Union Mart Exco

“We had a lot of conflict and tension at almost every level of the company a while ago. Even me as HR really struggled to work well with some people, and to balance the team’s needs with the company needs. But then the LifeXchange Solutions team came in and, within a few weeks, helped us change everything.

“They helped me conduct a few super-strategic sessions over a couple of weeks, where our teams really got to know each other and engage on a whole new level. We learned effective ways to communicate – and it made a huge difference in how people and leadership engaged almost from day one.

“This was a real highlight for us. And there’s definitely more in the pipeline. We look forward to doing even more with LifeXchange Solutions.”

– Nico Smuts, HR and people development at Goede Hoop Citrus

“Our company was going through some challenging times a while back, and there was a lot of negative talk, conflict and lack of focus. So we got the LifeXchange Solutions team in, and they helped us shift almost everyone to a place of renewed focus, drive and engagement.

“The best part was learning the right language to really motivate each other. From day one people were quoting neuroscience phrases and helping each other see their own potential, renewing our focus and breathing a whole new life into our teams.

“After our initial sessions, we immediately organised a national roll-out of the LifeXchange Solutions programme to all our branches around the country – we all want and need more time with the LifeXchange Solutions team and the amazing support they give leaders.”

– Marnel Coetzee, operations manager at Feedem (Cape Town)

And you can get the same help & support right now

We’ll listen to your individual situation and help you come up with a plan to develop your “problem” managers into awesome leaders – with a no-obligation, FREE 45-minute HR Strategy Call

Just click, pick your time and date and we’ll help you sort out your “problem” people right now

Schedule your FREE Strategy Call right here

Don’t miss out on your chance to get valuable insights, the right tools and the right people on your side to help change “problem” managers into amazing leaders – so you can bring real change, sustainability and have the time to focus on your most important work.

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