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Resolving conflict. Awesome work events. And unlocking ridiculous performance. Download and share these FREE Resources and courses for HR and managers in South Africa. PLUS: Discover new ways of managing the workforce with FREE neuromanagement resources

NEW Learn to build a High-Performance Culture

Our dedicated site for building High-Performance Culture

Examples. Frameworks. And how to drive real change. Learn to build a powerful high-performance culture with LifeXchange Solutions.

NEW End high employee turnover for good

FREE Toolkit with the No 1 Most Powerful Method to Boost Retention

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This brand-new FREE toolkit gives you the single most powerful method we’ve discovered to tackle high employee turnover in your company – and how to turn it around to boost your retention. Discover our most powerful talent retention strategy.

Plan a memorable year-end function

FREE Ultimate Guide to Out-of-the-Box Year End Functions in 2 Hours or Less

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Get the complete toolkit to create better, more memorable Year-End Functions. Including 5 Ingenious Steps to planning a Year-End with real VALUE and MEANING, 3 Steps to getting leadership buy-in, fast and 19 FREE Neuroscience-approved activity ideas for year end functions.

Become an expert conflict mediator

FREE Ultimate Neuro Conflict-Resolution Masterclass

Become an expert mediator: For a limited time only, join our online Neuro Conflict-Resolution Masterclass for HR Specialists for FREE. Discover: How conflict works in the human brain, a simple, trusted and reliable conflict-resolution process and learn how to get WIN-WIN resolutions to conflict at work with our Neuro Conflict Resolution Masterclass.

About Our Free Resources for Neuromanagement & HR

Masterclasses, courses, research & worksheets… we’re building a list of FREE resources for HR, management and business builders. Click and discover new ways to manage your workforce for better performance and engagement with neuroscience, neuromanagement and neuroleadership. 

Whether you’re looking for better ways to manage conflict, energise and motivate your team or bigger, better, faster team and leadership development. You’re welcome to download and share any of these Free Resources – we’re adding more all the time!

Note: We’re doing research and will be adding to these free resources all the time, so check back for more soon. PLUS: If you have a specific need, topic or something you’d like more info/insights on, send us an email below.

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