Podcast: Energise Your Life Part 4: Attack The Neuron Pathway

It’s all about self-talk: Dr Cobus shows how to impact the neuron pathways that keep you from your goal by using your self-talk cycle to rewire your brain

He is in a mobile makeshift studio at the starting point of his 250km desert run, giving you a tool to use on your own goals, while he is attempting his!

In this fourth episode, Cobus introduces the Self-Talk Cycle, an effective method to build helpful neural pathways to get you where you need to go!

Read more about the power of regulating the self-talk cycle.

Part 4 – Let’s attack the neuron-pathway… Self-talk!

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See #HowYourMindWorks with our look at the most fundamental part of your brain, the neuron and how thoughts affect business behaviour with our look at neural pathways and the root of most of the behavioural problems we see, automatic memory recall.

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How powerful is a neural network? Find out by trying your hand at this simple online neural network game.

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