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How (not) to Save a Life

Here’s a life conundrum: If a young girl in a bad community decides she would rather stay at home, surrounded by an unstable family life instead of going to school, what would the logical solution [...]

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Where are they now? (Ocean View Edition)

Last Saturday saw the end of an era in our Ocean View Project. The five current mentoring matches went through their Redefinition phase, which included an extreme Paintballing experience! We thank [...]

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The Boy in the Commercial

Those who know him describe Zahnio Simmeries as a deep thinking, positive person with a near mythical work ethic. Though best known for depicting the menacing looking, tattooed gangster in the [...]

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The Law of the Harvest

Did you know that it takes 13 years to make a cricket bat? 13. Frickin. Years. Ridiculous! Just think about the type of frustration that bat maker must endure when all he can do is tend to the trees [...]

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Mentor of the Year 2015/2016

On the 18th of March 2016 we’re set to present the prize for Mentor of the Year 2015/2016 at LifeXchange’s AGM. Even though LifeXchange does not compare mentoring relationships, the reason why we [...]

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Mentees movin’ on up

Meyoker Mckeith (24) and Desmaree Levendall (22) are more than just your average pair of cousins from Ocean View. Apart from being known as the girls who participate in all the extreme activities we [...]

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An Opportunity for Growth

I have returned from the Augrabies desert with a medal and trophy as a symbol of completing one of the toughest marathons in the world. I am amazed to still be in one piece. It has taken me some time [...]

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Moving into Abundance

With three additional staff members, a host of fresh faces on our board and a brand new office space, it’s pretty clear that LifeXchange has grown over the past year! And that’s not forgetting [...]

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The Desert Mentor Challenge – Part 2

In general, my experience of how people react when I tell them I’m running the KAEM this year has not been very different from Cobus’s (you can read his account here to get up to speed) though [...]

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New Faces: Meeting Cornè

  An addition to our team has lately made himself at home here at LifeXchange headquarters. He brings with him a passionate desire to advocate what we as an organization stand for due to the [...]

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A Different Approach

We all have a strong drive towards fixing things when they don’t look the way we think they should. If a window is broken, tension in our system causes us to find a solution to fix it. The same can [...]

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When Reveen met Sheila

One of our Lavender Hill mentees, 16-year-old Reveen, recently fell hard into the arms of her mentor. Sheila had been worried about Reveen for some time, though. She hadn’t been able to connect [...]

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