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LifeXchange: Going Global!

LifeXchange is going online! We will be global! With a team of experts involved, including consultants with Masters’ Degrees in Online Curriculum Design, LifeXchange is confident that this [...]

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#DonorLove: Philip’s Persistence

Philip joined LifeXchange in 2016 as part of our mentoring process in Mitchells Plain. Throughout his journey with a difficult, avoidant mentee, we’ve come to know him as someone who is incredibly [...]

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Self-discipline and loving oneself

I used to cringe when someone used the word ‘self-discipline’. Maybe because I know how many times I have attempted to be more disciplined, and then failed miserably. It was only later [...]

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Going National with NDOH

LifeXchange is continuing to grow and expand into the Corporate Arena. We are now involved in a Pilot Project with the National Department of Health (NDOH), who in partnership with I-TECH, are [...]

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Resilience: The Name of the Game

I first met Desmaree in 2013 when I was asked to give her extra maths lessons in the afternoons after college every week. She was one of my most disappointing students, often missing the session [...]

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Kick-off in the City of Roses!

LifeXchange has been busy in the City of Roses! After a couple of intense days of training, our Bloemfontein mentors were ready to start this significant journey. Needless to say, it kicked off with [...]

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#DonorLove: Lifestyle Surf shop

If you’ve ever wandered around Muizenberg’s Surfer’s Corner, chances are you’ve come across the iconic Lifestyle Surf shop. With a passion for hitting the waves, they’ve contributed to the [...]

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Building Optimism

Being an optimist is essential on your journey of change! We believe that you are not really born an optimist or a pessimist, but rather have learned to become one over time. Realism is a myth. When [...]

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Mentoring vs. Helping

“I see you like to help people. I prefer to mentor people“ “…the coach is not able to hit one shot during the fight, he may scream and encourage, but never step into the ring. [...]

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The Change Starter Pack

In our last newsletter we spoke about the difference between focusing on the process of change rather than the outcomes. Focus on outcomes and failure is evident; focus on the process and change is [...]

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Fresh Kids on the Block!

LifeXchange has a footprint in Bloemfontein! Thanks to a partnership with Clinvet Community Development and Education Trust (CCDET), we are in the process of launching a new mentoring project. The [...]

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Dealing with the Christmas Blues

“Then there’s the music, the rampant materialism, the fruitcake everyone insists you eat…: I don’t like Christmas. In fact, I unashamedly harbor a deep sense of mistrust when it comes to [...]

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