About Us at LifeXchange

This is who we are and why we get up in the morning

At LifeXchange, we don’t just show companies insights into investing in their people for balance and real growth, we live them every day. All the scientific insights an advanced business approaches you’ll find among our solutions are part of our DNA.

We all live our purpose every day. This is LifeXchange: This is where come from, why we get up in the morning and the people that make it all happen.


We energise the core of companies for exponential growth

When people trust their co-workers, the company structures, leadership and even themselves at work, something remarkable happens: they begin to thrive. Businesses that invest in their people by developing cultures of trust and expanding leadership’s perspective are able to engage employees, making work more rewarding. This helps companies retain their talent and, ultimately, it leads to higher profits.


We are Purpose-Driven

It’s the reason we wake up and come to work in the morning: to live LifeXchange’s purpose of helping companies energise their people for growth.

We are Whole

We bring our whole selves to work. This allows us to be who we really are at work, which unlocks all our potential while giving us real balance and creating a healthy work environment.

We empower Self-Management

We don’t have a single “boss” figure. Our company is of us and for us, so we distribute authority to the people it belongs to: us. We are all empowered within our roles to manage ourselves, be our own boss in our individual area of expertise, which enables each of our abilities to drive toward our purpose of helping others unlock their own potential every day.



Those who’ve worked with LifeXchange know that we never merely accepted the scientific research into NeuroManagement and how the human brain works to affect our behaviour. No, we actively tested it for 13 years in one of the toughest environments for the human mind: with gangsters and the homeless on the Cape Flats.

“We put the theories into practice with gangsters,” says LifeXchange’s Dr Cobus Oosthuizen (PhD in Mentoring & Human Development). “Because if we can prove that we can use our neuroscience to affect real lasting growth in a person who has essentially given up on life, with very little motivation or goals, just think what we can do to impact our economy if we can teach these same skills to managers, supervisors, team leaders and company owners.”


13 years on, and the results are remarkable. LifeXchange proved that it’s possible to use Neuroscience to change behaviour. We re-integrated several gangsters back into society as hard-working employees and loving spouses. One of our case studies even became a senior manager at his company. (You can still see this amazing work continue in the non-profit side of our business, where we teach normal individuals vital personal skills to use at home and in their communities, while still using it to driving social change among the poor in our society. See what we do in LifeXchange community.)

“First, we proved it can be done at any level in society,” says Dr Oosthuizen. “Then we implemented it in businesses and the results are just amazing. We’re showing businesses that it’s time to stop guessing and falling for beautiful ideas and gimmicks about how to manage and motivate employees.

“The latest neuroscience shows us exactly how to activate people so they don’t feel like resources but engage more, trust more and deliver more. And this makes your team more productive, which leads to higher profits and builds better businesses, economies and societies for us all.”


Discover our neuroscience-based business products

For teams

The latest neuroscience for effective employees

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For individuals

Using staff strenghts to inspire and create growth

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Mentoring culture

The latest brain science to ensure skills are passed on

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For leadership

The latest science for effective Exco, managers and team leaders

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For business

The latest neuroscience for supercharged successful businesses

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We’d love to show you how science can have an amazing effect on the health, happiness and productivity of the people in your team. So if you have any questions, or just want to discuss what’s possible and how it can work for your business, please contact us.

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