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WATCH: How to Create an All-New High-Performance Culture in Your Company

3 keys to creating a high-performance culture in your company plus the benefits and importance of investing in company culture What actually drives performance. Wilber’s theory in your company. [...]

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Resilience Theory: 3 Ways to Develop People to Face Any Challenge

3 powerful tools for creating more resilient people and teams Why some people succeed where others fail. The power to change behaviour. And teams that rally behind you in a crisis. For years, [...]

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Sound Business Logic: Discover The Analytical Strengths Theme

Examples of analytical skills, what roles do you need these types of thinkers in and how to identify them in your company Logic. Rigour. And critical thinking. People whose skills fall into the [...]

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Working Remotely: How to Ensure Productivity When Your Team’s Far From the Office

Our team’s 14 years’ experience: remote work tools, insights from pros and advanced time management for productivity when teams work remotely 8 Powerful remote work tools. 10 insights from [...]

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Here’s Why it’s so Vital to Invest in Creating a Strong Company Culture in South Africa

Plus: Why the rest of the world should take notice of this important aspect of doing business int eh rainbow nation 11 Official languages. 9 Provinces. An influx of immigrants. Seemingly countless [...]

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Come See Dr Cobus Live at HR Innovation Day in Johannesburg

The neuroscience of change and boosting business performance: All the HR Innovation Day dates, times, contacts, programme, speakers, how to register and more People of the fourth industrial [...]

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These are the 4 Domains of Leadership Strengths – What’s Your Clifton Top 5?

Grow with strengths: Discover insights into all 4 domains of Clifton Strengths (formerly strengthsfinder), what are strengths and how to use it to grow your business 7.8% More productive teams. [...]

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Next: Progressive and Unique Business Workshops in March

From advanced new management practices to neuromanagement at Maersk, the latest tech in HR and a free webinar in March A new way to approach management. The neuroscience of change and motivation. [...]

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