Monthly Archives: May 2017

#DonorLove: Philip’s Persistence

Philip joined LifeXchange in 2016 as part of our mentoring process in Mitchells Plain. Throughout his journey with a difficult, avoidant mentee, we’ve come to know him as someone who is incredibly [...]

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Self-discipline and loving oneself

I used to cringe when someone used the word ‘self-discipline’. Maybe because I know how many times I have attempted to be more disciplined, and then failed miserably. It was only later [...]

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Going National with NDOH

LifeXchange is continuing to grow and expand into the Corporate Arena. We are now involved in a Pilot Project with the National Department of Health (NDOH), who in partnership with I-TECH, are [...]

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Resilience: The Name of the Game

I first met Desmaree in 2013 when I was asked to give her extra maths lessons in the afternoons after college every week. She was one of my most disappointing students, often missing the session [...]

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