Monthly Archives: Dec 2016

The Change Starter Pack

In our last newsletter we spoke about the difference between focusing on the process of change rather than the outcomes. Focus on outcomes and failure is evident; focus on the process and change is [...]

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Fresh Kids on the Block!

LifeXchange has a footprint in Bloemfontein! Thanks to a partnership with Clinvet Community Development and Education Trust (CCDET), we are in the process of launching a new mentoring project. The [...]

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Dealing with the Christmas Blues

“Then there’s the music, the rampant materialism, the fruitcake everyone insists you eat…: I don’t like Christmas. In fact, I unashamedly harbor a deep sense of mistrust when it comes to [...]

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#DonorLove: Ram Mountaineering and the Art of Stewardship

Apart from being a company that imports and distributes some of the best outdoor brands available, RAM Mountaineering is best known for their expert hands-on advice when it comes to rock climbing and [...]

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