Monthly Archives: Oct 2016

Navigating Islands

It might not be very politically correct, or nice to hear, but at LifeXchange we often talk about South Africa being a country of many islands. And this is so evident in the Fish Hoek valley, where [...]

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Our Trip to Robben Island

Consistency, Frequency, Emotional connection and Duration are the cornerstones in the mentoring journey. However, to make it slightly easier for all our mentors,  LifeXchange organizes activities [...]

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Achieving Change that Lasts

Change is the most fascinating thing to me that exists! We all want it. We even have rituals that indicate the start of it (Happy New Year!). We normally want to bring about change in the beginning [...]

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#DonorLove: Reaching New Depths with Pisces Divers

If you’ve ever driven the scenic main road between Fish Hoek and Simons Town, chances are you’ve seen the big blue Pisces Divers sign on your left. Although most renowned for their stellar [...]

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