Monthly Archives: Jul 2015

Mandela’s Legacy

The month of July has seen many South Africans getting their hands dirty in the name of Nelson Mandela. #67minutes is the time set aside in our country for people to give back and help those less [...]

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Surfboards and Surfing Board Members

Winters here are brutal enough without us trying to be all revolutionary. But, since that happens to be exactly what we aspire to, our team went for a surf anyway! After horsing around in the lockers [...]

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Our Board: Old & New Faces

I received a call yesterday from Kevin Hart, super excited about an opportunity for LifeXchange. Kevin who unfortunately had to resign as a director from the LifeXchange Board due to work commitments [...]

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Long Road to Change

Many of you may know that for Ricardo Monk, it’s so far been a long five year journey to reach the singular goal of getting his Driver’s License. Well, we’re glad to announce that [...]

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Frisbee Face-Off!

There was a lot of mud. In fact, ‘a lot’ is probably an understatement. It was a veritable ocean of brown sludge that could house a Kronosaurus. Luckily, we were only playing Frisbee.  So it [...]

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